Hear Western Transport Music

As of 12/21/12 Western Transport and the new EP, My People Sleeping are available on CD at Bandcamp

Western Transport is the first album from James Irwin. You can stream it here.

You can buy a CD or digital download of the album Western Transport on Bandcamp now, in any format you want. That would be real nice.


BUY IT HERE for an amount you choose.

“Western Transport is the best LP of any unsigned act in Montreal” – Sean Michaels, saidthegramophone.com

Album of the year, 2012″ – Bandcamp Hunter

Western Transport, de James Irwin, est peut-être le plus beau disque de l’année 2012.” - J’ai Tout Lu, Tout Vu, Tout Bu

“Melancholic Album of the Year” - J’ai Tout Lu, Tout Vu, Tout Bu

“#4 Psych album of the year 2012″ – Dying For Bad Music

“This album from Canadian James Irwin speaks for itself as one of the finest singer songwriter albums to emerge in recent times”. Bandcamp Hunter

“A rich yet directed production reminiscent of Bill Callahan or Will Oldham makes Western Transport well-suited for easy listening and atmosphere, but it absolutely shines when given full attention.” – Cody Django Redmond

“It’s flawless and well crafted in style and atmosphere. No repetition, just slow development from song to song. And this slowness results in a beautiful album, just right for lazy summer nights.” – Dying For Bad Music

“Western Transport is beautiful; smooth on all edges, but lyrically it’s jagged and strong enough to rip through your heart.” Herohill

Western Transport takes me out of any situation and replaces it with a static, hot vacuum outside of time and place” Regnsky.dk (Translated from original Danish)

“The balladry of James Irwin’s all newWestern Transport will make you swoon.” The Argue Job

“James Irwin has accomplished a stunning and beautifully refreshing debut that I just know will continue to grow in personality with every listen and will no doubt end up on my favourites of 2012 list.” Smallprint

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