The current live band consists of Jeffrey Malecki (drums), Adam Waito (bass), Michael Feuerstack (guitar), Pietro Amato (keys, French horn), and Adam Kinner (saxophone). And sometimes….Philippe Mannaseh (keys), Nadim Maghzal (guitar), Patrick Latreille (bass).

Patrick Gregoire ~ Pat mixed Unreal as well as mixing/recording Western Transport. He fronts Pat Jordache.

The Moment ~ This was the band for several songs on Unreal, and was a live show family unit from 2012-2014. It consisted of Nicholas Scribner, James Irwin, Adam Waito, Julia Lewandoski, and Jeffrey Malecki.

Shaun Weadick ~ Shaun plays bass on Unreal and guitar, bass, drums, and backing vocals on Western Transport. He is in Loosestrife, has recorded as Light Rail Coyote and played in The Acorn among other things.

Carl Spidla ~ Carl plays guitar, piano, slide guitar, and bass on Western Transport. He’s a songwriter of mythic proportion and played in Poor William with James way back.

Katherine Peacock ~ Katherine plays accordion and piano on Western Transport. She is Blind Love // White Light, led the Coal Choir, and North, My Love and played in My People Sleeping in the early days.

Ruby Kato Attwood ~ Ruby sings backing vocals on Western Transport and designed the cover art. She fronts Yamantaka//Sonic Titan and started My People Sleeping with James.

Jeffrey Malecki ~ Jeffrey drums on Unreal and Western Transport. He was also the drummer for The Acorn.

Patrick Bastedo ~ Pat drums on Western Transport. He was also the drummer for My People Sleeping.

John Ancheta ~ John played in My People Sleeping with James. He also plays in Yamantaka//Sonic Titan and is a painter.

Nisha Coleman ~ Nisha plays violin on Western Transport. She plays violin in several situations, including on the street as a busker and is a writer.

Angeline Gosselin ~ Angeline plays bowed bass on Western Transport. She also played bowed bass and sang in North, My Love and  the Coal Choir.

Jessica Kelly-Rhéaume  ~ Jessica plays viola on Western Transport. She also played viola and sang in the the Coal Choir.

Pietro Amato ~ Pietro plays french horn and effects on Unreal and Western Transport. He also plays in The Luyas and has played in Arcade Fire, Torngat, Bell Orchestre and tons more.

Adam Kinner ~ Adam plays tenor saxophone and clarinet on Unreal and Western Transport. He plays in countless bands and as himself in Montreal.

Nicholas Scribner ~ Nic was co-front/heart and soul of The Moment, produced the track Face Value from Unreal and plays bass and synth and mixed a track on Western Transport. He played in Clues as well as in Paradise with James. He now plays in How Sad.

Ben Borden ~ Ben mastered a couple tracks on Western Transport. He has played in Clues and Solar Year among other things.

Maica Armata~ Maica sang backing voals on Unreal and on Western Transport. She fronts Maica Mia and played in Paradise with James

Jon Boles ~ Jon played drums in later Western Transport sessions and in Paradise and is the other half of Maica Mia.

Arwen Fleming ~ Arwen played accordion and musical wheel on Western Transport. She also played in North, My Love and  the Coal Choir

Derrick Belcham ~ Derrick shot the videos for Everything Passed Me By, Bluedust, Halfway to Mexico and Mary Waters as well as the photography for the Western Transport album. He works at Astorytoldwell as well as La Blogotheque

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