Herohill Review of Western Transport

Herohill out of Halifax put up this heartfelt review of Western Transport today.

“…Western Transport is somehow as insignificant as youth, and as monumental as a school yard crush.

James Irwin on the other hand, is a talent to which I can’t relate. His songs, both as My People Sleeping and under the exposed vulnerability of his own name, have consumed me and broken down my defenses without any detection. He moves in shadows, but without malice. His voice is little more than a whisper most times, delivered calmly, coldly, detached from the root but still blossoming. These type of words are normally written by a critic out of spite, a collection of scarlet letters that a singer must carry as he’s run from the village, but for Irwin those traits mask the intensity of loss and passion of free spirit. Western Transport is beautiful; smooth on all edges, but lyrically it’s jagged and strong enough to rip through your heart…”

Read full review

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