W/T Hits Radio Charts in Montréal/Québec City

Western Transport hit the radio charts here in Montreal. Starting off at #26, up to #23 this week. Merci CISM (Université de Montréal radio)!

And in Quebec City it’s moving up the Anglo charts at #11. Merci CHYZ (Université Laval)!

Western Transport on Bandcamp

Other James Irwins

This guy named James Irwin wrote to me on my myspace. I just responded now…13 months later…he rules!

Mar 10, 2011 

JAMES says


hey james,

I typed my name in an found you. So I thought I would just say hey man way to rock our name out.  Good luck with it I hope to make it huge someday with a book, and you are on your way with music. Just remember that we both have a long way to go because a James Irwin already took it to the moon so we both have a long way to take our name. So anyway good luck to you with our name.  Your name sharing friend James.


This guy named James Irwin saw Jesus while walking on the moon: